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  • Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage/Stillbirth) Counseling

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    You can Overcome the Grief of Miscarriage or Stillbirth

    Counseling can help if you have experienced the traumatic experience of pregnancy loss. 

    Are you feeling overwhelmed and sad after experiencing a miscarriage or stillbirth? 

    Are you devastated due to losing a baby late in pregnancy? 

    Losing a baby at any point during pregnancy can be a physically and emotionally devastating experience. It can feel like your whole world has fallen apart. 

    After a miscarriage or stillbirth you may feel:

    •  Shock (you can’t believe what happened)
    •  Numb (unable to feel anything)
    •  Sad and Depressed
    •  Angry 
    •  Guilty
    •  Anxious or Afraid
    •  Yearning or Aching for your Baby
    •  Envious of Other Pregnant Women
    •  Overwhelmed with your Grief

    While grieving, you may feel physically and emotionally exhausted and unable to get anything done. You may feel like you are out of tune with the rest of the world, like you are living in a haze.

    Mothers and Fathers Grieve Differently

    Men and women tend to bond with their developing fetus differently. As a woman, you may feel the loss more deeply as the baby was growing in your body. Your partner may feel it was only a setback and may recover more quickly.

    Mothers tend to be more open and expressive about their loss. Mothers tend to want to discuss their loss. Fathers on the other hand, tend not to share their feelings so much. Men often believe in taking action and solving the problem. They may tend to return to their normal routines more quickly. 

    Differences in grieving styles can strain your marriage. Fathers may question why their partners continue to grieve intensely for a longer time and may thing their partner is overreacting. Mothers may think the father is not caring sufficiently, which can increase their feelings of being alone. 

    You don’t have to go through your loss alone.

    If you are feeling stuck in feelings of sadness, anger or guilt due to miscarriage or stillbirth, counseling can help.

        Benefits of Counseling: 

    • Gain control over your emotions
    • Ease the pain of your loss, and help you heal faster
    • Prepare you for situations that may remind you of your baby and that may hurt you
    • Discover how to communicate with your partner and support each other through this troubled time
    • Ensure your relationship survives by overcoming gender differences in grieving and improve your relationship with your partner
    • Feel good about yourself again
    • Regain confidence to experience another pregnancy