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  • Life Coaching

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    Sometimes you aren’t looking to heal deep emotional wounds or seeking significant behavioral changes. Here are Triumph and Transcend we are happy to start offering Life Coaching. Life Coaching can help you to identify personal, professional, or relationship goals then walk you through setting targets and next steps to start working to meet those goals. Life Coaches provide one on one support and encouragement as you work towards your goals and can help you recognize when strategies are not working. Life Coaches will hold you accountable for inaction while celebrating with you when you meet your goals. 

    Life Coaching vs. Therapy

    1. Topics: Therapy focuses on mental health; Coaching focuses on goals

    2. Skills: Therapy helps you learn to heal and cope; Coaching empowers you to achieve goals

    3. Tense: Therapy is rooted in the past and present; Coaching focuses on the future

    What to Expect:

    Our Life Coaches will work with you to develop strategies and plans for working towards identified goals. Our Life Coaches will meet with you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly by phone or video conference to discuss progress. Our Life Coaches will work to facilitate self-awareness to help you recognize your own power to change. This is done by building a strong and trusting partnership, active listening, and celebrating even the smallest of wins. 

    Coaching Specialties:

    • Parenting 
    • Relationship Coaching
    • Life-Balance Coaching

    Life Coaching Groups

    • Embrace your Kingship (Virtual)
      • Ages: 18-35 Nationwide
      • Topics
        • Healthy Relationships
        • Building Your Castle
        • Leading Your Kingdom
      • Price: $25 Per Session
      • Saturday’s 1:00pm – 2:00pm

    • Young Kings (Virtual)
      • Ages: 13-17 Nationwide
      • Topics
        • Decision Making & Goal Setting
        • Self-Esteem
        • Healthy Relationships
      • Price: $25 Pers Session
      • Saturday’s 10:30am – 11:30am