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  • Exploring Parenting Challenges by Age: Toddlers

    If you have a toddler (1 to 3 years of age), you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. If so, you’re not alone. As children reach this stage of development, they often begin displaying more behavior issues, which can be incredibly challenging for their parents. Below are a few of the obstacles commonly faced during the toddler stage, as well as parenting tips that may help you overcome them:

    • Throwing tantrums – Given that toddlers have just started learning how to control their emotions, and that they may still have trouble expressing themselves verbally, it’s no wonder that many of them throw temper tantrums. This might involve crying, screaming, hitting, kicking, or holding their breath. Although dealing with a tantrum can be very frustrating, it’s important that you keep your cool and model a calm demeanor for your child.
    • Refusing to try new foods – It’s very common for toddlers to refuse new foods (in fact, it’s a survival instinct, since it minimizes their risk of accidentally ingesting a poison). This phase will normally pass on its own, but to speed up that process, you may want to try offering your toddler new foods whenever you’re eating them.
    • Confusion between “yes” and “no” – Babies often begin talking around the age of 1, so it’s not surprising that they may still be mastering the meaning of words during the toddler phase. When asking your child a question, you may want to double-check their answer to clarify what they mean and avoid potential frustration (which could, in turn, lead to a tantrum).

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